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Design Details

-The Detroit Jacket is a zippered jacket that was originally inspired by the Eisenhower Jacket from the World War II era but was modified and introduced to the public as the Detroit Jacket in the late 20th century, specifically during the 1990s. Initially, the Detroit Jacket referred to a particular style, designed to serve the needs of industrial workers at the time. However, it gained widespread recognition and popularity through various cultural movements such as skateboarding, HIPHOP, and the fashion choices of young people, as well as celebrities wearing it.

-This jacket is based on the zippered jacket from the 1950s  in the early to mid-20th century. Due to its similar design to the Detroit Jacket, it is also referred to as the Detroit Jacket. The jacket's main body is made of 100% cotton twill fabric weighing 260 grams, while the collar features a contrasting color treatment with 100% cotton 14-wale corduroy fabric. For the lining, 100% cotton 200g warm-toned check flannel fabric is used, providing a skin-friendly and warm wear for the autumn and winter seasons. The overall silhouette is slightly short but cut relatively wide compared to the original, visually elongating proportions when worn and allowing for both lightweight layering in the fall and layering in the winter.

-After the garment is finished, it undergoes a stone grinding enzyme washing process to achieve a vintage worn look on both the bone positions and the fabric surface. This treatment imparts an authentic vintage feel. It is complemented by the color combinations of the main body, collar, and lining checks. The zippers are from YKK, and the Japanese-style buttons on the hem and cuffs match the texture and color of the zippers, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall look. The front chest pockets and handwarmer pockets at the hem are a distinctive feature of the Detroit Jacket. In contrast to the typical Detroit Jacket pockets, this jacket features exposed seam stitching, combined with the enzyme washing process, adding depth and dimension to the overall design. Additionally, precision embroidery is added as decorative accents on the front chest pockets and the back of the jacket. This jacket comes in three color options: khaki, rust red, and gray-green. Regardless of the chosen color, it exudes a strong vintage charm. It can be styled differently to suit various fashion trends, offering a unique touch to any outfit.

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