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The N3B cold-weather coat, which originated during wartime, became a trendsetter and served the U.S. military for over 60 years. Even today, almost all outdoor coats bear some resemblance to the N3B. Its distinctive feature is the generously-sized hood with fur lining, which gave it another nickname, the "Snorkel Parka,"

Design Details

-This remastered N3B coat maximally preserves the original functionality and appearance.

-The cotton lining, eco-friendly synthetic fleece hood, can withstand temperatures well below freezing during the harsh winter.

-In addition to the zipper, it also features a toggle button design to ensure the coat's tightness. Furthermore, essential features like the zipper arm straps, front wind flaps, and integrated knit cuffs have all been retained. It is particularly suitable for regions with heavy snowfall and severe cold.

-When paired with workwear, it highlights its ruggedness and practicality, but it can also create a mixed and retro Japanese-style look when worn with suit pants or loose-fitting cropped pants.

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