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Design Details

-"IKE JACKET," also known as the Eisenhower Jacket, is a type of short jacket that extends to the waist and was named after Dwight D. Eisenhower in the later stages of World War II. At the time, the design of the Ike Jacket was influenced by wartime considerations, and it could be worn either as a standalone garment or as a warm layer. It is characterized by an adjustable waist belt and two large chest pockets on the front. After World War II, its excellent design gained popularity among the American public.

-This jacket is based on the Eisenhower Jacket from the 1940s and 1950s, using 250g pure cotton twill fabric as the outer layer. The fabric undergoes a water-washing process to make it soft and give it a slight nap and faded texture.

-For the lining, it uses a diamond-shaped cotton filling of 200g 3M THINSULATE™ insulation.  The 3M THINSULATE™ insulation allows more air to be trapped between fibers, retaining more heat and effectively reflecting body heat radiation, thus significantly enhancing insulation. 

-The original large pocket style is retained on the chest, designed as accordion pockets for a three-dimensional look and enhanced storage. Elastic treatment is added to the hem on both sides, similar to the original, to narrow the hem for ease of movement. The white outer ring and black buttons add a distinctive touch, giving the solid-colored jacket a sense of depth. It complements the flying fish embroidered patch on the back with a white background and black stitching. The back patch features a leaping fish in high-density embroidery, and the edge is sewn with zigzag stitching, further enhancing the texture of the details.

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