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Nttitudoo MFG


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Design Details

-Limited editon of 5 pcs per size

-Japanese market version open to all markets

-Outter Fabric: Herringbone Twill 

-Thermal Inner:  PRIMALOFT® filled

-PRIMALOFT® is a type of ultra-soft, water-resistant, ultra-fine synthetic fiber that serves as an excellent alternative to down feathers. It is lightweight and offers the same softness and warmth as down feathers.This synthetic insulation material mimics the structure of down feathers by using coarse hollow fibers as the backbone and wrapping ultra-fine hollow fibers around the coarse backbone to create a feather-like, tree-like structure. As a result, PrimaLoft closely approximates down feathers in terms of its construction.

-"Duckhunter Camouflage," known as the M1942 Spot Pattern Camouflage in the U.S. military, originated from the hands of California horticulturist Norvell Gillespie. He was also a hunting enthusiast and served as the gardening editor for publications such as "Sunset," "Better Homes and Gardens," and the "San Francisco Chronicle." The original purpose of designing this camouflage was solely for getting closer to agile ducks for more effective hunting.Subsequently, the U.S. military improved upon this camouflage pattern, introducing the Green Spot Pattern Camouflage (M1942 Spot Pattern Camouflage) in 1942, which was affectionately nicknamed "Frogskin." It underwent several revisions and was later officially named Duck Hunter Camouflage.

-Duckhunter camouflage patterns are intricate and diverse. We have meticulously recreated seven of the most representative patterns, each with its own unique history. These patterns are Woodland master camouflage, Duckhunter camouflage,ADS Gold Tiger, JWD Silver Tiger, TDS Thick Stripe, ADD Special Forces, and LHD Late Vietnam War. We have conducted in-depth analyses of the entire production process, from spinning, weaving, dyeing, film development, to printing. Our goal is to faithfully replicate these patterns with precision and dedication.

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