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 The N-1 Coat was introduced in the mid-1940s. It was specially designed for sailors for use on ships and was commonly known as a "Deck Coat." The surface of the coat was made of a durable cotton sateen material, and the interior was lined with woven camel or sheep's wool. The first generation of N-1 was in blue and had no text on the front but had "US.NAVY" printed on the back. It was soon replaced by the khaki green version in the early 1944. Following this, the second generation N-1 was introduced, which removed the wool lining from the cuffs and replaced the back text with "USN" on the front chest. The final version was the third generation, which also eliminated the gun strap under the armpits, and it was issued until the early 1960s.


Our N-1 Deck Coat has undergone slight improvements based on the third generation to make it more suitable for everyday wear. The outer layer uses a thicker 11.5 oz JUNGLE CROSS cotton sateen fabric, a special material in the N-1 series that offers slight water repellency. The interior is lined with custom-made shearling, which doesn't shed, has a softer touch, provides good insulation, and is machine washable. It features a YKK No. 5 zipper, mixed-fiber ribbed cuffs, a drawstring hem, core thread sewing, and is filled with attention to detail.

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