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The old-style work overalls with suspenders from the 1920s to 1930s were characterized by the absence of the popular "full back" design seen commonly today. Instead of having a single piece of fabric for the back, these overalls were worn with detachable suspenders. This period coincided with the peak of steam locomotives, and numerous workwear manufacturers introduced their own versions of overalls. While the specific details varied, the overall construction remained similar, reflecting the distinctive features of overalls during that era.

Item Introduction:

These work pants are an adaptation of the old Navy carrier deck pants, with the "U.S.N" removed from the front. They feature an additional front pocket and the option to tighten the cuffs with a drawstring. For these pants, we change the original material used in the deck pants to be 280g Corduroy to bring new elements.

The pants have been tailored to a more modern aesthetic, resulting in a more three-dimensional and comfortable fit. Overalls offer limitless possibilities for styling, whether paired with a T-shirt, shirt, sweater, or various types of outerwear. You can experiment with different combinations and create unique looks. 

 Shell: 97.5% Cotton  2.5% Spandex Corduroy

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