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Nttitudoo MFG


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-Limited editon of 10 pcs per size

-Japanese market version open to all markets

Design Details

-At the outset, the NAVAJO blanket was originally designed for wear, serving as the inspiration for this product. In the market, NAVAJO totem styles are predominantly found in vests and jackets. A different approach was taken by incorporating them into a shirt.

-The fabric used is a 600g plain weave NAVAJO blanket fabric (95% polyester, 5% wool). Polyester provides durability and resists pilling, while wool enhances the fabric's texture. This shirt jacket can be worn as both an outer layer and inner garment, offering substantial warmth and abrasion resistance.

-The collar, cuffs, sleeve slits, and placket are designed with inner lining for enhanced durability. The extensive coverage of off-white and red, with coffee-colored accents, and the subtle NAVAJO totem in white, create a rich layered effect.

-The combination of ancient patterns and vibrant designs makes it a versatile and contemporary piece. Custom retro resin wood-grain buttons add a vintage touch. The product is crafted with heavy-duty buried clip high-needle stitching.

-The collar and cuffs use high-quality plain cloth, ensuring resistance to deformation at a higher cost, and presenting a neat and three-dimensional finish. The hem employs heavy-duty edge-locking technology, providing a smooth and reliable curve.

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