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-Limited editon of 5pcs per size

-Japanese market version open to all markets

Style Inspiration

The Mantra collection draws inspiration from Tibetan Buddhism and includes the designs Mantra Gold and Mantra Silver.

Design Details

This jacket is a reproduction of the Levi's first-generation Type l jacket. The first-generation jacket belongs to the classic "pioneer coat" style, with a shorter length, a slim fit, and a straightforward cut, giving it a rugged and rough appearance. Choosing your regular size will give you an authentic and fitted short jacket effect. Sizing up by a one size will provide a normal and comfortable vintage look, while sizing up by two sizes will create a street-style oversize effect. You can choose according to your personal preference without being confined to a specific style. The model is wearing a size up to showcase the effect.

 Fabric Details

This batch uses reproduction White Oak fabric, replicating the fabric based on its bamboo detailing and dying process. The fabric adopts the classic delicate bamboo texture of White Oak, with the original indigo dyeing technique and antique red selvedge weaving, resulting in a soft and natural fading effect.

Crafting Details

 Adhering to the traditional denim sewing techniques, we use custom-made denim sewing threads from AE Thread Factory, carefully selecting different thread thicknesses and densities based on the different forces experienced during the wear of denim products. The hardware used is from the UNIVERSE Precision series by the renowned Japanese YKK factory. The buttons in this design are made of a custom iron alloy from Japan, and with time and wear, they develop a unique rusted effect.

Size & Fit

Size selection:

Please choose your size based on normal sizing, as the sizes are true to size.

-This style is UNWASH raw denim, so it is recommended to wear it after cold water onewash by yourself. The measurements shown in the chart below are the ture measurements of the product when you get it before wash

 -There is slight shrinkage, so it is recommended to wear the jacket after cold water treatment.after onewash by yourself, the measurements of body length is reduced by 2.5cm, and sleeve length is reduced by 3.5cmwhile other measurements remain almost unchanged. please do consider the size shrinkage when you choose your own size.

 - INDIGO products have the characteristic of color fading, so please wash them separately in cold water.