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Nttitudoo MFG


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Design Details

-Based on the US military M65 parka, the silhouette retains its horizontal width while shortening the length, leaning towards a square-shaped profile for versatile layering. The high-density pure cotton satin fabric ensures comfort while providing a certain level of waterproof performance. It incorporates outdoor jacket elements with a redesigned large pocket, catering to storage needs while also allowing for 'hand-in-pocket' convenience. Hand-painted splatters on each garment add more visual interest to the ensemble.

-Made from high-density pure cotton sateen fabric, ensuring comfort while also offering a certain level of waterproof performance.

-Hand-painted splatters on each garment add a random element of fun to the ensemble.

-Incorporating elements from outdoor jackets, it features a redesigned large pocket that serves both storage purposes and can function as 'hand-in-pockets.

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