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Design Details

-Based on the 1950s Vintage Hinson Bodyguard Fishing Jacket.

-This jacket features the iconic four front pockets and small cuff pocket design. While retaining this design, it introduces new styles.

-The upper two pockets are made in an accordion style, and the lower two pockets are designed as a more three-dimensional combination pocket.

-The inner layer features prominent-shaped zipper pockets, with the zipper presenting a contrasting color combination with the jacket. Additional patch pockets are added to the outer layer of the shaped pockets, creating a combined pocket form, increasing storage space while enhancing the retro feel.

-The design of the small cuff pocket is preserved, adding detail and versatility to the overall jacket.

-The classic short and wide cut of the jacket, combined with the dropped shoulder sleeve design, creates a visually elongated and proportionate effect, capturing the essence of the classic retro style.

-Fabric: 100% cotton 250G twill fabric made in Japan

-Its distinctive feature lies in the process of dyeing and washing after the garment is sewn. It utilizes Spanish-imported reactive dyes and enzyme washing for a natural vintage look, presenting an artful fading effect with a touch of whitening.

-The fabric has a soft and comfortable feel with a subtle velvet touch.

-The bone position and stitching texture create a three-dimensional structure, enhancing the retro vibe ,adding to the overall presentation of a unique vintage and worn-in texture.

Size & Fitting