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Nttitudoo MFG


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-Limited editon of 10 pcs per size

-Japanese market version open to all markets

Fabric Details

450 GSM (Grams per Square Meter) Heavy weight Pure Cotton Sashiko MADE IN JAPAN

Color Option

3 options of Pattern color

-Large Diamond Pattern

-Small Diamond Pattern

-Trapezoidal Gird Pattern

Craftsmanship Difficulty

The washing process to achieve the desired visible thread effect is challenging, resulting in a higher rate of imperfect products. After the washing process, the fabric undergoes shrinkage, creating a unique texture and a substantial feel that cannot be achieved with other fabrics. The fading effect of the entire garment is meticulously achieved through manual hand rubbing by skilled artisans. The intensity of the rubbing is crucial, as even a slight mistake can result in the breakage of the sashiko embroidery threads, leading to a high rate of discarded pieces, even for experienced craftsmen. The daily production of washed garments is less than 5 pieces.

 No lining on the inside, requiring meticulous handling of fabric seams, which adds to the labor-intensive nature of production.

Important Note

This product is made from sashiko fabric dyed with indigo blue. The rich fading effect is achieved through a manual washing and rubbing process after the garment is made. Even within the same batch, each piece will have a slightly different fading effect. The fabric dyeing process is fundamentally based on plant-based indigo dye, and before the initial wear, it is recommended to wash it separately with saltwater to remove excess dye, as some color transfer may occur. After 3-5 washes, the color stability will gradually improve, allowing for mixing with similar colors during laundry. It is important to avoid washing or drying the garment with light-colored clothes and to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. For storage, it is recommended to fold the garment inside out and keep it in a dark place to avoid exposure to light.

Large Diamond Pattern
Small Diamond Pattern
Trapezoidal Gird Pattern

Size & Fit