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Nttitudoo MFG


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-Limited editon of 10pcs per size

-Japanese market version open to all markets

Design Details

-100% cotton RIPSTOP high-density military grid fabric MADE IN JAPAN. With a tear-resistant texture. Compared to regular woven fabric, its significant advantages include wear resistance, tear resistance, lightweight, and quick-drying properties.

-Incorporating elements of Boro patchwork and utilizing direct injection technology, multiple styles such as BORO, SASHIKO, and SAKIORI are integrated. The RIPSTOP military grid fabric is three-dimensional and full, with a pronounced sense of layering. Its unique natural colors and textures are reborn in a vintage style.

-The silhouette is loose, allowing for versatile styling options without concern. The design inspiration comes from military uniforms, featuring military-grade disc buttons, redesigned for contemporary lifestyles. The front features large capacity double pockets, with one side ingeniously designed with a double-layer pocket, enhancing both capacity and security, eliminating the need for an additional bag.

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