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Nttitudoo MFG


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-Limited editon of 5pcs per size

-Japanese market version open to all markets

Design Details

-This jacket features 100% cotton japanese thick corduroy fabric, weighing 385 grams, with a coarse eight-wale corduroy pattern MADE IN OKAYAMA

-The fabric is rich and plush with excellent drape, and it has a silky, velvety texture that can create a luxurious sheen in different lighting conditions. What's even more important is that the corduroy fibers are tightly packed and durable, so it won't easily pill during regular wear or even after machine washing.

-Corduroy is a fabric that can age gracefully, and while it may not develop strong fading like raw denim, the uniformity of the fibers and their shine will change over time, reflecting the wearer's unique experiences.

-fullfilled with efficient thermal insulating cotton padding

「 Dragon-soar」 Buddhist Zen sayings Embroidery Theme:  "竜が天を飛ぶ、九五を乗る" means Dragons soar through the sky, ruling the heavens,ascending in the ninth five.


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